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RS#3 - The Truth About Stacey

“Do you know what time Mary Anne was born?” Claudia asked. She figured Mimi would know since Claudia’s parents have been friendly with the Thomases and the Spiers for years, and Mimi had gotten to know the families, too.

Mimi looked only slightly taken aback. “Let me think for a moment, my Claudia. … Mary Anne, your mother and father left for the hospital around dinnertime. That I remember clearly. I believe you were born near eleven o’clock.”

“Oh!” A grin lit up Mary Anne’s face. “I didn’t know. So I was another nighttime baby. Thank you, Mimi.”

“It was my pleasure.” Mimi turned to leave, and almost bumped into Janine, Claudia’s sister, who had come up behind her.

I love Mary Anne's relationship with Mimi ♥ Definitely one of my favorite friendships in BSC history.
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Agreed! ♥
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Awww. I wish I had a Mimi.