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TV Series Episode #3: Stacey's Big Break

So, I love the TV show from the nineties. It really makes me squee with joy, every single episode has so many cute BSC moments!

I am going to share some moments from the episode 'Stacey's Big Break,' that especially make me go "awwwww!"

This episode has so many adorable moments. I love when Kristy tells Charlotte to get in position for her scene in the play.

Charlotte: Where's Stacey?
Kristy: She had our own rehearsal today. She's going to be in the 'New Faces' Fashion Show.
Charlotte: *really upset* But she promised she'd help me with my show!
Kristy: I'll help you! That's why I'm here.
Charlotte: But I want Stacey.

This scene breaks my heart. Kristy and the others are being so sweet to Charlotte, but poor Charlotte needs her beloved Stacey. ;_;

Then, when Stacey is waiting for her meeting with Mrs. Stewart, she meets cute little Molly, who is so adorable and Stacey is so adorable with her!

Mother: Molly, Molly please settle down it won't be much longer! Molly, oh, don't sit in that dress, you'll get it all dirty.
Stacey: And it's such a pretty dress! I bet you can make it twirl.
Molly: *twirls in dress*
Stacey: Great! Hey, do you want to play a game? *pats lap*
Mother: You must have a lot of brothers and sisters.
Stacey: No, but I do a lot of babysitting. I'm part of a club!

And then, when Ms. Stewart calls Stacey in, Molly runs to Stacey.

Molly: Wait!
Stacey: Tell your mom to call the Baby-Sitters Club. Everyone is really nice. We're all best friends. You can be our friend, too.


And finally, the cutest moment of all, when Charlotte is waiting for Stacey, and it's time for her to say her line, and she freezes in terror.

Charlotte: Oh, so you''re...
Stacey: *makes cricket sound*
Charlotte: *grins* Oh! So you're the messy little rascals that live here!

My heart! So sweet!

Also, The Baby-Sitters Club TV series is now on Netflix Instant Watch! *squeeeeeeeeee*

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