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#17: Mary Anne's Bad Luck Mystery

“You know,” said Kristy Thomas, “I’ve been thinking. If I took a bunch of these old wilted peas and put them in the mashed potatoes – evenly spread out – and then took my fork and smushed them all down, my lunch would look almost exactly like –”

“Stop!” I cried. “Stop right there. I don’t want to know what you think it would look like.”

“Do you want to know what I think it would smell like?” Kristy asked.

“Absolutely not,” I replied, turning green. “Please. Don’t say another word about the lunch. Why do you buy the hot lunch every day anyway? Why don’t you buy a salad or something?”

“Because,” replied Kristy, “it’s so much more fun to say disgusting things about the hot lunch.”

lol, Kristy ♥

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Hehe, I always kinda enjoyed Kristy's grossness about the hot lunches. There was a reason I didn't eat any cafeteria food at all once I made it to HS! :P