8 January 2012

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My father laughed. "No," he said. "And Elizabeth Grace is eight pounds, two ounces, which is a very respectable weight for a girl or a boy."

"Elizabeth Grace!" Jeff cried. He threw the "name your baby" book down on Carol's bed and pouted. "You went ahead and named her without me!"

"I'm sorry, Jeff," Dad said. "But it just came to us. We were looking at her and I said, 'Let's call her Elizabeth'."

"And I was thinking what a grace it was that she is finally here," Carol said. "That she is my special Grace. We put them together and came up with Elizabeth Grace."

"You can give her a nickname," Dad told Jeff.

"Like Liz, maybe," Carol suggested. "Or Lizzy."

Jeff thought for a few seconds. "I'm going to call her Gracie," he announced. "That's my name for her."

"Gracie," Carol and Dad said in unison.

My dad looked at me and I nodded. I thought Gracie was the perfect nickname for Elizabeth Grace.

(Jeff is just so sweet in this-I love how disappointed he was that they named the baby without him, and I loved how he chose her nickname, and I love the scene that was already posted with the Michael Jordan poster.)