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“Do you know what time Mary Anne was born?” Claudia asked. She figured Mimi would know since Claudia’s parents have been friendly with the Thomases and the Spiers for years, and Mimi had gotten to know the families, too.

Mimi looked only slightly taken aback. “Let me think for a moment, my Claudia. … Mary Anne, your mother and father left for the hospital around dinnertime. That I remember clearly. I believe you were born near eleven o’clock.”

“Oh!” A grin lit up Mary Anne’s face. “I didn’t know. So I was another nighttime baby. Thank you, Mimi.”

“It was my pleasure.” Mimi turned to leave, and almost bumped into Janine, Claudia’s sister, who had come up behind her.

I love Mary Anne's relationship with Mimi ♥ Definitely one of my favorite friendships in BSC history.
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Pretty much all of chapter 11 kills me. It's probably one of my favorite chapters in the entire series. ♥

“I wish I were married and had an egg-baby,” said Margo.

“Me, too,” said Vanessa. She looked hopefully at Byron.

Byron sighed. “Okay. I’ll be your husband,” he said. “But only for tonight.”

“Who will be my husband?” asked Margo.

“Not me,” said Adam defiantly. “I am never, ever getting married.”

“Jordan?” said Margo.

“Oh, all right.”

Surprisingly, Nicky agreed to be Claire’s husband.

“Okay, let’s adopt babies!” cried Vanessa.

“Adopt them from where?” asked Mal, even though she thought she knew what the answer would be.

“From the refrigerator, of course.” Vanessa removed a partially empty carton of eggs from the bottom shelf of the fridge. She set it on the table and opened the lid carefully. “Aw, aren’t they sweet?” she said.

More Under Cut )

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Because it's almost Christmas, and I need BSC Christmas Canon to inspire new fic, so let's just read and squee through what is basically the entire first chapter:

A Very Pikey Christmas... )

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The Newtons have a big yard, and the kids ran from one end to the other with Elvira.

When it was Johnny’s turn, Mathew grabbed a plastic tablecloth from the Newtons’ picnic table. He held it up and yelled, “Toro! Toro!”

I guess horned animals must share the same instincts, because Elvira charged like a bull. Laughing hysterically, Mathew pulled the tablecloth away. Of course, all the children wanted to try it. But when Claire tried, she couldn’t pull the tablecloth away in time. Elvira went storming into it, pulling Claire along with her. Kid and kid went tumbling in a sea of red and white plastic.

Soon the others jumped in. As they rolled around, shrieking and laughing, Elvira calmly walked out. She stood there with that little goat-smile and bleated.

We cracked up. It looked as if she were making fun of the kids.

After awhile Claire pulled a jump rope out of her pocket. “Can Elvira skip rope?” she asked Dawn.

Nicky slapped his head. “Not while she has a leash on, bubble-brain!”

“I’m not a bubble-brain, you silly-billy-goo-goo!” Claire retorted.

They went off to settle their argument, Elvira scampering after them.

NICKY AND CLAIRE. ♥ For some reason the image of them walking off, bickering and followed by a random goat, kills me.

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So there are lots of reasons to poke fun at the BSC book covers - but there are also lots of adorable covers, including this one, Mary Anne Misses Logan. LOOKIT. It's just so cute! ♥

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...and then – Becca Ramsey and Charlotte Johanssen arrived.

They were wearing plastic charm bracelets and were so busy comparing the charms that Charlotte didn’t see Stacey.

Finally, as Mr. Ramsey was leaving, Stacey stepped up behind Char and tapped her on the shoulder. “Excuse me,” she said. “Can you tell me where I could find a Charlotte Johanssen?”

“I’m – ” Charlotte started to say. She turned around. She looked up. Her eyes began to widen. They grew and grew and grew. “Stacey!” she managed to say, gasping.

Becca grinned. She was in on the surprise.

“I’m back for the weekend,” said Stacey in a wavery voice. Then she knelt down, held her arms open, and Charlotte practically dove into them.

Awww ♥
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Oh, Vanessa! ♥

From the very end of the book -

Dawn and I talked until dinnertime, and afterward she sat on my bed while I unpacked.

“So you think Vanessa is over her broken heart?” she asked me.

“I’m sure of it. She handled it very well. I’m proud of her.” I reached for a pile of T-shirts, and something white caught my eye. A piece of notebook paper was tucked between my shirts.

It was a poem from Vanessa, and my eyes misted over when I read it.

Dear Mary Anne,
Love can hurt, love can sting,
a broken heart can never sing.
Boys will come, boys will go
but a friend is forever, this I know.
A friend is rare and hard to find
everyone knows it’s true.
You helped me through a very bad time
I’ll always be grateful to you.
Thank you, Mary Anne.
Love, Vanessa

“Yes,” I said softly. “I think Vanessa will be just fine.”
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Considering the discussion going on over at [ profile] babysitters101 right now...

Kristy called Liz Lewis, just because Liz was listed first on the flier. She put her hand over the mouthpiece. “It’s ringing,” she whispered to us. “One … two … thr– Hello? Is Liz Lewis there, please? … Oh, hi, Liz. My name is – Candy. Candy Kane. … No, no joke. … I got your flier for the Baby-sitters Agency. I’m supposed to sit for my little brother tomorrow and – ” Kristy paused, and the rest of us watched the wheels turning “ – I just got asked out on a date.”

Mary Anne started to giggle. She grabbed a pillow from Claudia’s bed and buried her face in it to muffle the sounds. Kristy turned away so she wouldn’t have to see.

“From three to five,” Kristy was saying. (Liz must have asked her when she was supposed to be sitting.) “He’s seven years old. His name is, urn, Harry. … Twenty-eight Roper Road. Will you be baby-sitting for him? The flier said – Oh, I see. … Mm-hmm. … I’ll be at KL5-2321. Oh, but only for about ten minutes. Then I have – I have another date. … Who with?” By that time, Claudia was laughing, too, and I was on the verge of it. Kristy glanced at us helplessly, not sure what to do about her “date.” Then she simply pulled a name out of the air. “With Winston Churchill,” she replied, taking the chance that Liz wouldn’t know who he was. Apparently she didn’t. “Yeah, he goes to high school,” continued Kristy nonchalantly, getting into her story. “A sophomore. Football player. … Me? I’m in seventh. … Yeah, I know.”

I had to leave the room. I couldn’t stand it any longer, and I didn’t want to ruin Kristy’s call. I closed Claudia’s door, ran to the bathroom, laughed, and returned.

Kristy was saying, “Okay, five minutes. … Yeah, later.” She hung up. Then she began to laugh, too. “You guys!” she exclaimed. “Don’t do that to me when I’m on the phone.”

“But Winston Churchill?” I cried. “The high school guy you’re dating?”
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Reason #382 that I ♥ Charlie Thomas so frickin’ much:

“I bet that’s Charlie!” cried Andrew. “I bet he’s got his new car.”

“His old car,” Karen corrected him.

“His new old car,” said Kristy.

Kristy and the kids rushed out the front door. In the driveway before them was a clinker of a car. In fact, it looked a lot like Nannie’s Pink Clinker, except that it wasn’t pink. It was sort of gray. And Kristy could see a scratch and two dents just on the passenger’s side of the car. Plus, the fenders were rusting.

But Charlie was obviously very proud of his car. He and Sam climbed out of it just as Patrick, Charlie’s friend, pulled up in Mrs. Brewer’s station wagon.

Charlie grinned and waved to the crowd on the porch. “Well, here it is,” he said. “One gorgeous piece of metal.”

One gorgeous piece of junk, thought Kristy, imagining what her mother and Watson would say when they laid eyes on it.

“It may not actually be gorgeous,” Charlie went on, “but it runs like a dream, and with a little paint and some wax I can really fix it up. You guys can help me.”

“Oh, thank you so much,” said Kristy sarcastically.

Charlie was too excited to notice. “Come on, everyone. We’re going for a ride,” he announced. “We have to drive Patrick home.” And with that he took Emily’s car seat out of the station wagon, attached it to the backseat of his car, and loaded Emily, Andrew, and Karen inside. Then Sam and Patrick piled in. “You coming, Kristy?” asked Charlie.

“I can’t,” she replied. “David Michael’s over at Linny’s. I’ll have to wait for him here.”

“Okay,” Charlie said, and drove off.

Five minutes later, David Michael returned. When he found out where everyone was, he pitched a fit right in the front yard.

“You mean my own brother got a new car and he took everyone for a ride but me? His own brother?”

“David Michael – ” Kristy began. She was going to explain that Patrick had needed a ride home, and everyone else had been standing right there by the car. But David Michael had already banged into the house. When he came out a few moments later, he was carrying a big piece of paper and a fat black Magic Marker. In huge letters he wrote on the paper:


He posted the sign on a tree in front of the house where Charlie couldn’t miss it.

Charlie didn’t miss it. He took the hint, too. He let the other kids out of his car and then took David Michael on a special ride of his own.
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From Stacey and the Mystery of Stoneybrook:

We tried to call Mallory, since she loves mysteries, too, but Mrs. Pike said that Mal had taken Margo and Claire (two of her little sisters) on a special Teddy Bears' Picnic. Mal's such a terrific big sister. I remembered now that she'd been planning this for awhile. She was going to make little sandwiches and "tea", and help the girls dress up their teddy bears in special outfits. It sounded like fun. I asked Mrs. Pike to tell Mallory to call me back when she got home.

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“Pass the milk, please,” said my older sister Janine.

“Why? Is it failing?” I asked. I cracked up.

My mother shook her head. My father made a face. Janine just looked at me.

“It’s a pun,” I explained.

“We know,” said my mother. She smiled a little bit.

“As a humorous application of a word designed to play on two of its meanings, it was somewhat funny,” said Janine. “Now, may I please have the milk?”

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Crash! A huge clap of thunder sounded, and Charlotte raced to Stacey’s side. “I hate thunder,” she confessed.

“You, too?” asked Stacey. “You know what I used to do during a thunderstorm?”


“Hide in the linen closet. It was the smallest closet in our apartment in New York City. I’d run in, slide under the bottom shelf, and close the door after me, pulling it from the bottom. Sometimes I’d take my Raggedy Andy with me.”

The image of little Stacey hiding in a closet with a Raggedy Andy just makes me go awwww.

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For as many times as we're told that Kirsty and Mary Anne are BFF's, we only occasionally get to see their closeness in action. But one of my favorites is when Mary Anne is waking up at Kristy's house after the fire:

BFF Sweetness under the cut. . . )

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Stacey said that she and David Michael sat right down at the kitchen table to have a snack. I hadn’t been gone for more than five minutes when Sam showed up. He seemed to be angry about something. He was slamming his fist into a baseball glove. But he stopped short when he saw Stacey sitting in the kitchen. According to Sam, Stacey was a foxy chick. According to Stacey, Sam was a gorgeous hunk. When I heard that later, I thought about what they looked like, and tried to figure out what they saw in each other. (I have absolutely no interest in boys, of course. Still, I realized that that kind of information might be useful some day.)

I remembered that Stacey was wearing a matching top and skirt made of gray sweat shirt material with big yellow number tens all over it. Her hair was pinned back with clips shaped like rainbows. Little silver whistles were dangling from her ears. It was all very cool, but it seemed kind of young-looking. And she was drinking a glass of milk.

I thought about Sam. Now, he is pretty good-looking, with dark curly hair and sparkly blue eyes and a few freckles, but he was wearing jeans so ratty he’d once promised Mom he’d throw them away (but then hadn’t been able to go through with it), and a T-shirt that said: I KNOW YOU ARE, BUT WHAT AM I? To top it off, he was mad.

So where did the foxy chick and the gorgeous hunk come from? Was it the perm? The freckles?

I couldn’t figure it out.

...and thus, an OTP is born ♥

(Plus, Kristy's reaction to these two never fails to crack me up, LOL!)
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After the toast, Dad carved the turkey and we each put in our requests.

"I'd like white meat, please," I said.

"I want half-dark and half-white," Nicky said. "And a drumstick."

Dad chuckled. "Why don't you start with the drumstick, and then we'll see about seconds."

Mom removed the lids from the bowls holding the potatoes and peas and onions, and steam filled the air. After a flurry of plate passing, and of requesting butter and the gravy boat, and more bread, the room suddenly fell almost silent. The only sound was the munching of ten very contented people.
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Stacey's in hospital with her diabetes and sophistication, and she gets a visit from Laine. (Boo, Laine.)
But Laine brings her this message, which is ADORABLE:

“And last,” began Laine, “I talked with the members of the BSC. I called Claudia this morning, and it turned out that your friends were holding an emergency club meeting. I have messages from everybody. Mal says she’s thinking about you. Mary Anne and Dawn say they miss you. Kristy says to get back on your feet because Dawn isn’t all that good at handling the money in the treasury. Jessi promises to write to you so you’ll be sure to get mail in the hospital. And Claud says she’s getting your homework assignments – and that she misses you an awful lot.”

♥ to this though, naww. BSC BFFs.

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“Well, it all started last night,” I began. I told them how Mom had had to call nearly everyone in Stoneybrook, looking for a babysitter, and how long it had taken, and how bad David Michael had felt. “So I thought we could sort of join together. We all baby-sit anyway. We could advertise ourselves and get more customers. We should meet a few times each week and tell our customers what those times are. Then they can make one call and reach a whole bunch of us at once. And if, like, Mrs. Pike wants two sitters, she’ll only have to make one call.” I explained everything else I had thought of, and wound up with, “Okay, here are two things to think about: One, where should we hold our meetings; and two, who else could we ask to join the club?”

“I can answer both questions,” said Claudia. “We should hold the meetings here, because I have a phone in my room.”

“Oh, terrific!” I exclaimed. (I’d been hoping Claudia would suggest that.)

“And I know someone who might want to join the club.”

“Who?” Mary Anne and I asked.

“She’s new. She just moved to Stoneybrook. She lives right over on Fawcett Avenue, and she’s in my class. Her name is Stacey McGill.”

“Well, okay …” I said slowly. “Of course, we’ll have to meet her.”

“Oh, sure. You’ll really like her. She’s from New York City,” Claudia added.

I was impressed. I could tell Mary Anne was, too. She opened her eyes wide. “I wonder why her family wanted to leave there to come here,” she said.

Claudia shrugged. “Don’t know. But I’m glad they did. Stacey’s really cool.”

Mary Anne and I glanced at each other, not sure that this was a good sign.

“What’s everyone doing tomorrow afternoon?” asked Claudia. “Can we meet then?”

“If it’s at five-thirty again,” said Mary Anne. “I have to baby-sit before then.”

We agreed to meet late the next afternoon. And that was how the Baby-sitters Club officially began.

Oh, Baby-sitters Club. ♥ I love you so much.