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Pretty much all of chapter 11 kills me. It's probably one of my favorite chapters in the entire series. ♥

“I wish I were married and had an egg-baby,” said Margo.

“Me, too,” said Vanessa. She looked hopefully at Byron.

Byron sighed. “Okay. I’ll be your husband,” he said. “But only for tonight.”

“Who will be my husband?” asked Margo.

“Not me,” said Adam defiantly. “I am never, ever getting married.”

“Jordan?” said Margo.

“Oh, all right.”

Surprisingly, Nicky agreed to be Claire’s husband.

“Okay, let’s adopt babies!” cried Vanessa.

“Adopt them from where?” asked Mal, even though she thought she knew what the answer would be.

“From the refrigerator, of course.” Vanessa removed a partially empty carton of eggs from the bottom shelf of the fridge. She set it on the table and opened the lid carefully. “Aw, aren’t they sweet?” she said.

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Because it's almost Christmas, and I need BSC Christmas Canon to inspire new fic, so let's just read and squee through what is basically the entire first chapter:

A Very Pikey Christmas... )

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Oh, Vanessa! ♥

From the very end of the book -

Dawn and I talked until dinnertime, and afterward she sat on my bed while I unpacked.

“So you think Vanessa is over her broken heart?” she asked me.

“I’m sure of it. She handled it very well. I’m proud of her.” I reached for a pile of T-shirts, and something white caught my eye. A piece of notebook paper was tucked between my shirts.

It was a poem from Vanessa, and my eyes misted over when I read it.

Dear Mary Anne,
Love can hurt, love can sting,
a broken heart can never sing.
Boys will come, boys will go
but a friend is forever, this I know.
A friend is rare and hard to find
everyone knows it’s true.
You helped me through a very bad time
I’ll always be grateful to you.
Thank you, Mary Anne.
Love, Vanessa

“Yes,” I said softly. “I think Vanessa will be just fine.”
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Reason #382 that I ♥ Charlie Thomas so frickin’ much:

“I bet that’s Charlie!” cried Andrew. “I bet he’s got his new car.”

“His old car,” Karen corrected him.

“His new old car,” said Kristy.

Kristy and the kids rushed out the front door. In the driveway before them was a clinker of a car. In fact, it looked a lot like Nannie’s Pink Clinker, except that it wasn’t pink. It was sort of gray. And Kristy could see a scratch and two dents just on the passenger’s side of the car. Plus, the fenders were rusting.

But Charlie was obviously very proud of his car. He and Sam climbed out of it just as Patrick, Charlie’s friend, pulled up in Mrs. Brewer’s station wagon.

Charlie grinned and waved to the crowd on the porch. “Well, here it is,” he said. “One gorgeous piece of metal.”

One gorgeous piece of junk, thought Kristy, imagining what her mother and Watson would say when they laid eyes on it.

“It may not actually be gorgeous,” Charlie went on, “but it runs like a dream, and with a little paint and some wax I can really fix it up. You guys can help me.”

“Oh, thank you so much,” said Kristy sarcastically.

Charlie was too excited to notice. “Come on, everyone. We’re going for a ride,” he announced. “We have to drive Patrick home.” And with that he took Emily’s car seat out of the station wagon, attached it to the backseat of his car, and loaded Emily, Andrew, and Karen inside. Then Sam and Patrick piled in. “You coming, Kristy?” asked Charlie.

“I can’t,” she replied. “David Michael’s over at Linny’s. I’ll have to wait for him here.”

“Okay,” Charlie said, and drove off.

Five minutes later, David Michael returned. When he found out where everyone was, he pitched a fit right in the front yard.

“You mean my own brother got a new car and he took everyone for a ride but me? His own brother?”

“David Michael – ” Kristy began. She was going to explain that Patrick had needed a ride home, and everyone else had been standing right there by the car. But David Michael had already banged into the house. When he came out a few moments later, he was carrying a big piece of paper and a fat black Magic Marker. In huge letters he wrote on the paper:


He posted the sign on a tree in front of the house where Charlie couldn’t miss it.

Charlie didn’t miss it. He took the hint, too. He let the other kids out of his car and then took David Michael on a special ride of his own.
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“Pass the milk, please,” said my older sister Janine.

“Why? Is it failing?” I asked. I cracked up.

My mother shook her head. My father made a face. Janine just looked at me.

“It’s a pun,” I explained.

“We know,” said my mother. She smiled a little bit.

“As a humorous application of a word designed to play on two of its meanings, it was somewhat funny,” said Janine. “Now, may I please have the milk?”