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So I was complaining to [personal profile] miss_slipslop about the lack of fan art in our fandom, when it occurred to me I don't actually look for it that often. So I went looking.

And I found this, and it blew my mind. I literally squee'd over this for like half an hour, noting how every detail was perfect and how the artist completely nailed each personality so damn well. Make sure you head on over to the ORIGINAL SOURCE and share your squee if you can.

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Pretty much all of chapter 11 kills me. It's probably one of my favorite chapters in the entire series. ♥

“I wish I were married and had an egg-baby,” said Margo.

“Me, too,” said Vanessa. She looked hopefully at Byron.

Byron sighed. “Okay. I’ll be your husband,” he said. “But only for tonight.”

“Who will be my husband?” asked Margo.

“Not me,” said Adam defiantly. “I am never, ever getting married.”

“Jordan?” said Margo.

“Oh, all right.”

Surprisingly, Nicky agreed to be Claire’s husband.

“Okay, let’s adopt babies!” cried Vanessa.

“Adopt them from where?” asked Mal, even though she thought she knew what the answer would be.

“From the refrigerator, of course.” Vanessa removed a partially empty carton of eggs from the bottom shelf of the fridge. She set it on the table and opened the lid carefully. “Aw, aren’t they sweet?” she said.

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I don't think it's a a secret that I love Jamie Newton. Just...IDK, he's one of my favorite sitting charges. I had never actually watched this episode until last night and AUGH HAVE I SAID HOW MUCH I LOVE THE TV SHOW JUST I DON'T EVEN.

DAWN: They're tadpoles.
JAMIE: They're what?
DAWN: Tadpoles. Baby frogs. One day they'll be the big fat fellows you see sitting on the lily pads.
JAMIE: When I grow up, I'm gonna be a chef.
DAWN: Yeah? I bet I know what you're gonna cook.
BOTH: Peanut butter and honey sandwiches!
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My father laughed. "No," he said. "And Elizabeth Grace is eight pounds, two ounces, which is a very respectable weight for a girl or a boy."

"Elizabeth Grace!" Jeff cried. He threw the "name your baby" book down on Carol's bed and pouted. "You went ahead and named her without me!"

"I'm sorry, Jeff," Dad said. "But it just came to us. We were looking at her and I said, 'Let's call her Elizabeth'."

"And I was thinking what a grace it was that she is finally here," Carol said. "That she is my special Grace. We put them together and came up with Elizabeth Grace."

"You can give her a nickname," Dad told Jeff.

"Like Liz, maybe," Carol suggested. "Or Lizzy."

Jeff thought for a few seconds. "I'm going to call her Gracie," he announced. "That's my name for her."

"Gracie," Carol and Dad said in unison.

My dad looked at me and I nodded. I thought Gracie was the perfect nickname for Elizabeth Grace.

(Jeff is just so sweet in this-I love how disappointed he was that they named the baby without him, and I loved how he chose her nickname, and I love the scene that was already posted with the Michael Jordan poster.)  

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Why Jeff is the bestest brother. Seriously. The BEST

Carol looked at Dad and me, then burst out laughing, and whispered, "You have to go to the baby's room. Jeff just hung her a present on the wall."

Jeff yelled from down the hall, "I hear you laughing, Carol. It's not funny! It's not a funny present."


"It's an excellent poster," Jeff wailed. "I saved my money for it. I sent away for it and I didn't tell anybody because I wanted it to be a surprise for my baby brother." He gave my father an angry look. "Dad, you said I could treat a sister just the way I'd treat a brother. That she'd play ball with me and everything. So I'm giving her the poster even though she's not a brother." He finished his speech by mumbling, "But I don't think she'd ever going to be big enough to do anything."

I love my brother. he's an original.


Carol held Gracie out to Jeff. He took her very carefully, held her in the crook of his arm, and faced her toward the poster.

"Gracie, that's Michael Jordan," he said. "He's our hero."
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So there's this huge passage in this book that describes Sharon and Richard's prom photo ♥

But my absolute favourite part...

It's not the fact that Dawn finds the prom photo in a box labelled SPORTS EQUIPMENT, or that in the photo Sharon is wearing the rose that Dawn and Mary Anne found pressed between the pages of the yearbook, or that Dawn and Mary Anne immediately set to work on Dawn and Mary Anne's Super-Sitter Match-Making Service...

It's the one little line with Richard Spier ever-so-slightly losing control.

With my father, you can’t just jump into things. I didn’t say a word about Dawn’s mother until dinner had been made and we were sitting at the table eating.

I asked how his day was.

He asked how mine was.

I asked how his cases were going.

He asked how school and the Baby-sitters Club were going.

Then I said, “Dad? Did you ever know someone named Sharon Porter?”

Dad choked on a mouthful of carrots and had to drink some water before he could answer.


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A lot of things annoy me about ghostie-written!Dawn, but her relationship with her brother does not. These two are adorable, and there's so many moments between them in #77 that make me so happy. This particular one is the best. 

  I was sick of normal people.  Dad deserved someone better than that.  Someone like Carol.

  I looked at Jeff.  He looked at me.  I knew we were thinking the same thing.

  “We’ve got to get Carol and Dad back together,” I said aloud.

   Jeff put up his hand, and we gave each other the high-five.