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As you walk into the kitchen and say good morning, he gives you this BIG, TOTALLY OBNOXIOUS guy-to-guy wink.

His eyes cut to Maggie.

You get it.

You wish you didn’t.

Ted the Dumb thinks Maggie is your girlfriend and that she has spent the night.

Maggie doesn’t catch this, of course. She is pouring you a cup of coffee.

You give Ted your death-ray look.

Then all is redeemed by Zeke trekking down the hall calling, “Maggie? Maggie, I’m hungry!”

Ted is blown away. The random collection of cells he calls a brain crashes.

As Zeke comes into the kitchen, you enjoy the moment.

In Ted’s limited universe, Zeke does not compute.

I give Ted a big, BIG wink. “Later,” I say.

Ducky needs more wins in his life, LOL!
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Anyway, I'm lost in my own world when I hear Ducky mention something about tonight's rehearsal.

"Are you going, Ducky?” I ask.

“We all are,” Ducky replies. “Sunny, Dawn, and me. We'll be...groupies!”

He shouts the word “groupies” in this high-pitched voice that makes us all laugh.

At that moment, James walks around the corner. He's giving Ducky a wary look.

Ducky sees it and flinches.

“Yo,” James calls out, gesturing to me with his head.

As I walk toward James, I hear Ducky mutter, “I should try that sometime. So much more efficient than 'Would you come here, please?'”

Duckyyy! Maybe it's just a small thing, but those last two lines by Ducky always make me smile. :D